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Tarot Reading, Intuition, Higher Energy Vibrations. I also make my own Witchcraft Supplies in my Witchy Shop

Is the universe trying to give you a message?


Hi! I'm Cloe and I Read the Signs from The Universe through Tarot, Oracle, Numerology, Intuition & Higher Energy Vibrations.


 Do you feel lost? Are you in a dark place and need to get out? 

 Do you seek a new perspective of your circumstances? 

Do you have a question that needs an answer? 

Are you concerned about choices you've made?

Whatever your situation, my use of tarot cards and witchcraft supplies my tarot readings are designed to help you navigate the ups and down of life. 


I now offer live Tarot Readings over FaceTime.

No need for face 2 face meetings. 

I read for people worldwide.

Affordable. Easy. Secure.