Translating the messages from the invisible

Join me on my witchy and creative journey 🖤

My name is Cloe Hedger and I’m an English artist, metalsmith, intuitive tarot reader and YouTuber. 

Is the universe trying to give you a message?



Hi! I'm Cloe, I am an intuitive and I Read the Signs from The Universe through Tarot, Oracle, Intuition & Higher Energy Vibrations.



 Do you feel lost? Are you in a dark place and need to get out? 

 Do you seek a new perspective of your circumstances? 

Do you have a question that needs an answer? 

Are you concerned about choices you've made?

Whatever your situation, let my tarot readings help you navigate the ups and down of life. 



You do not need to have a specific question in order to have a tarot reading with me. If you feel drawn to book a private reading with me then it's highly likely that the universe, spirit and higher energies want to get a message to you. I will use tarot cards and the energy of the universe to conduct your reading, I will record your video to watch in private.

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