A translator of the messages from the unseen

Hi! I'm Cloé and I Read the Signs from The Universe through Tarot, Oracle, Numerology, Intuition & Higher Energy Vibrations.


I have been aware of my spiritual abilities all my life. I first became passionate about the Tarot in my twenties (over 25 years ago) when I discovered how it enhanced and supported my psychic abilities. 

Free Spirit

As a child I was brought up in a spiritual home, I was christened by the spiritualist church in Brixton and my spiritual name is Felicity Dawn meaning (New Beginnings). Today I wish to help others find their new beginnings and clarity that a new dawn often brings. My faith today is not as a spiritualist but an eclectic free spirit, one more in tune with nature and the natural energies of the universe.

Throughout my personal life experiences and challenges, using the Tarot has always provided me with the guidance and reassurance I have needed. This is why I work with the energies of the universe and I use Tarot and Oracle cards to tap into those energies to provide insight, reassurance and offer answers to your personal queries. To help you see your way forward, often at times of intense stress or confusion. In many instances, just one reading can prove to be life-changing and always for the better.

Tarot , Spirit & Me

I work very different to typical tarot readers, I don't just use tarot cards delivered in a basic spread. I use a mix of tarot and oracle cards, I look for signs and symbols, I blend, numerology and my extreme intuition as well as my connection to higher energy vibrations. 

I post regularly to YouTube, FaceBook and here on my website. I tell it like it is, I swear, I cry, I laugh but most of all I love to inspire others and help them find their peace.

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