My name is Cloé Hedger I am a Psychic Clairvoyant Medium based in the UK.

About Cloé

“your guides have sent you to me for a reason..”

As a child I was brought up in a spiritual home, my father was a spiritualist and my mother a christian. I was christened by the spiritualist church in Brixton, UK and my spiritual name is Felicity Dawn meaning (New Beginnings).

Growing up I encountered many paranormal events, some more terrifying than others. Many times I rebelled and closed the spirit door, but it always returned to my life, so I decided to work with my gift and learned all I could, this knowledge has slowly grown over many years. Now it’s my life purpose to help others with spiritual guidance via my connection to spirit.

Spirits are drawn to me like a beacon of light and when I find a soul that is earthbound I facilitate in their passing to the light. I can also communicate with spirits via electronic voice phenomena (EVP) I call them my spirit box sessions. Because of my strong connection to the spirit realms I am able to capture paranormal activity and share my communications via my Facebook and YouTube channel.

the 5 types of witch that i am

eclectic witch – studies many forms of witchcraft, folk magick, rituals, spellwork, deities, etc

divination witch – tarot reading, pendulums, crystal ball reading, candle wax reading, cloud reading, charm reading

death witch – spirit & ancestor work, mediumship, aids passing spirits, deeply connected to nature & the metaphysical world

faery witch – connects with the realm of fae, love of nature spirits, woodland creatures, trees and the Fae, incorporates woodland elements into the craft, a solitary witch

moon witch – attunes to & honors the moon, studies lunar phases, comfortable at night, works with emotions, water, subconscious & powerful deep magick. in-tune with lunar cycles and draws power from the moon

blessed be
cloé x

witch in a corn field
lighted candles near a decorative plate

More about Cloé Hedger formally Allison Jordan

Simon Cowell and The Boy From New York City

Cloé originally started her media career at the age of 3 and attended two of the top theatre schools in the UK. She has worked with some of the best in the business. Her first record producers were Simon Cowell and two-time Grammy nominee Nigel Wright, who picked her from thousands of other singers in one of the very first reality pop competition programmes which was aired to millions on Esther Ranzten’s That’s Life BBC1 show. She won by thousands of public phone votes and went on to have a hit with her first single ‘The Boy From New York City’ produced by Simon Cowell and signed her first record deal with Arista, BMG


Cloé was chosen from thousands of other vocalists when she joined 90s dance music band Cappella.

Cloé then went on to work with Gianfranco Bortolotti of Media Records, who is one of the 10 most important dance producers in Europe. 

Cloé was chosen from thousands of other vocalists when she joined Cappella. When ‘Tell Me The Way’ was released it became a big hit, especially in Italy, where it became a top 10 hit. Soon after Cloé recorded her first album ‘War In Heaven.’

After receiving many international music awards and numerous top 10-chart positions around the World, Cloé then decided it was time for a new challenge.



Paranormal magazine gained an international readership spanning from the US to Australia

After a brief hiatus, Cloé decided to pursue her long time interest in the paranormal and supernatural, and in 2004 became founder and editor-in-chief of a monthly publication entitled ‘The Paranormal News’.

Within the space of 12 months, the newspaper was met with such a wide response from the public, she then decided to take on the challenge of taking the newspaper one step further, and subsequently created a monthly publication called ‘Paranormal’ magazine.

As a result, Paranormal magazine gained an international readership spanning from the US to Australia, and was considered to be one of the leading paranormal topic based magazines in the World at the time and proved to be one of Cloé’s biggest successes.